We believe that everyone is entitled to a chance.
We believe that everyone has the right to choose.
We believe that each one is in charge of his destiny.
We believe that...
Guided by these principles and these profound ideas, Backstage Image Consulting sees as its mission to assist men and women in the performance of their objectives and enable them to explore endless possibilities...


Backstage, it is all about expertise, experience, and a deep desire to bring to others. It is also a solemn commitment to exercise under the standards and ethics of excellence which allow only methods approved by the world of Image Consulting. Backstage is finally a diversity of services through which you may target and meet the needs of our customers in a precise and adequate way.


We have professional and personal programs in the form of individual products or packages. Each developed program is aimed at sharing a truly simple and practical knowledge. Our customers are guided through a process of awakening, which allows them to develop self-confidence and skills


Backstage extends its actions by specific collaborations with NGOs, associations, private individuals… within the framework of the promotion of financial independence in Côte d'Ivoire.


We have a volunteer component specifically addressing the needs of young graduates (colleges, universities, centres of vocational training...) from disadvantaged areas. Backstage is responsible for providing them for free, a costume or a woman’s suit so that vestimentary tools do not constitute a barrier to the potential recruiting of the candidate.